Oskar on TITANS: "I only received one and a half salary for those 9 months. SuNny is owed at least $100,000"


Sinners player Tomas "Oskar" St'astny revealed more details about his time on TITANS. He claimed that the organization paid only a small part of his salary and owed his ex-teammate Miikka "suNny" Kemppi around $100,000. Oskar shared it for Czech website Playzone.

They promised us that they would pay, but I waited four months for the first salary. When they sent the money, they promised more, but then nothing came, so I only received one and a half salary for those 9 months. SuNny is owed at least $100,000.

Tomas "Oskar" St'astny

Oskar appeared upset at his former MOUZ teammate SuNny and coach Serhii "lmbt" Bezhanov. The AWPer stated that they didn't warn him about the money situation. Otherwise, he wouldn't have joined.

SuNny and lmbt have been writing to me throughout my time in SINNERS asking me to play with them. Then I succumbed to it. During the time that they wrote to me, they never once wrote to me that there were any problems with money. If they let me know, then I have a clear signal to get away from it quickly, friends or not.

Tomas "Oskar" St'astny

Oskar left TITANS a week ago, calling them a "clown show" on Twitter. He reunited with his former teammates from SINNERS, expressing regret that he left the Czech team. He also didn't like working with Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen. Oskar shared that Danish IGL was "stuck in the past" and refused to find suitable strategies.

TITANS is a Swiss organization that assembled a squad based on flusha, sergej, and suNny's mix GORILLAZ. After failing to qualify for Rio RMR, they released the lineup. One of the roster's former players, Nodios, expects a lawsuit against TITANS from their former players, so it seems that suNny and oskar weren't the only ones to suffer.


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MSL Mathias Lauridsen

oskar Tomáš Šťastný

suNny Miikka Kemppi

lmbt Sergey Bezhanov


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