Streamer shows useful glitched mollies on Anubis


The addition of Anubis to the Active Duty map pool in CS:GO brought back a lot of attention to the map. Many players started to learn basic callouts, setups, and nades for Anubis. Streamer Target_Lox showed a couple of Molotovs that abuse the "skybox glitch" and travel for long distances.

All of the demonstrated mollies are helpful mostly for the T-side. They can be used to support your team from across the map and stop rotations or fake a plant attack. Two of those can block the CT exit to mid, thrown from safe T areas. The other two mollies land on A-site heaven, one of the strongest positions to defend the area.

These types of glitched mollies are already known on other maps. The basic idea is to throw them in such way so they explode into an empty skybox without touching any surfaces. This way, a mollie continues to travel, landing way further than implied.

Valve replaced Dust 2 with Anubis for professional play on November 19. The developers also slightly nerfed AWP and M4A1-S. Soon after the patch, the game's playerbase peaked, setting record numbers in 2022.


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