Valve removes Dust 2 from Active Duty, nerfs AWP and M4A1-S


A new CS:GO update removes Dust 2 from Active Duty and replaces it with Anubis. The developers also rebalanced two guns, AWP and M4A1-S.

AWP had its magazine size halved, from 10 to 5 bullets. M4A1-S range modifier was reduced to 0.94 from 0.99. That means the range damage dropoff will increase, making headshots more important on long range.

This is the second time Dust 2 leaves the Active Duty map pool. That means we won't see it in France on BLAST Paris Major, which will be held in May of 2023. The last time the map was removed before PGL Krakow Major in 2017, when the map was being updated.


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