Oskar leaves TITANS, posting clown emoji: "I'm happy to announce I'm out of Titans show"


Veteran CS:GO player Oskar "Tomas" St'astny departed TITANS. The AWPer appeared disappointed in the partnership, stating that they didn't meet the contractual agreements. He said he was happy to leave " the TITANS show" and posted a clown emoji.

TITANS was based on a previous GORILLAZ project, a team made by flusha, suNny, and Sergej. In early 2022, they added oskar, Nodios, and Danish IGL Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen. All of them have already left the squad.

The Swiss organization appeared at the center of a scandal after Nodios went to a Danish podcast and revealed that the club owed him about $10k-14k in salary. Despite that, he also paid a fee to get himself out of the contract. He's expecting other players to file a case against TITANS.

Oskar is playing professional CS:GO since 2012. He competed for 3DMAX, HellRaisers, mousesports, and lesser-known tags. Despite turning 31 this year, the AWPer still posts impressive numbers above a 1.10 HTLV rating, although, on recent teams, he didn't face proper opposition.



MSL Mathias Lauridsen

oskar Tomáš Šťastný

Nodios Magnus Olsen


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