Valve releases IEM Rio Champions Capsule, brings back closed qualifiers for RMRs


Lastest CS:GO update added IEM Rio Major 2022 champions Autograph Capsule with Outsiders players to commemorate their victory at the event. It features FL1T, fame, Jame, n0rb3r7, and Qikert stickers made in paper, glitter, holo, and gold.

The capsule is available for $1 and will drop you a random sticker with one of the winners.

Additionally, Valve changed their approach to RMR. They added closed qualifiers, with some of the teams getting direct invites for "teams that consistently perform well in Valve and third-party events." It will be used for the BLAST Major Paris 2023. More details will be announced soon.

This practice is not something new, however. Up until 2020, we had Minors instead of the RMR system. Minors always had closed qualifiers with direct invitations for the most prominent teams. The main difference now is uniting the regions from six to three, which makes them more international.


qikert Alexey Golubev

Jame Dzhami Ali

FL1T Evgeny Lebedev

n0rb3r7 David Danielyan


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