Richard Lewis, Jaxon: K0nfig had drunk incidents before, police was involved in one case


Soon after ex-Astralis player Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke revealed what happened in Malta, several sources doubted that his story was true in every part. First, Richard Lewis released a video on the matter, and later, Jaxon shared their sources' information that confirmed many of his conclusions. The player also commented on the matter, accepting some of the blame.

The key takeaways from RL and Jaxon's sources

  • K0nfig had multiple incidents before that. He was aggressive with ESL staff at IEM Cologne 2022. The employee said, "I do believe alcohol contributed to his decision to unnecessarily escalate our interaction to the point of conflict, where I was forced to defend myself."
  • The Dane, ESL, and their staff member handled the incident behind closed doors afterward.
  • Another incident happened at the same event, IEM Cologne. This time, someone from hotel personnel became the victim of K0nfig's behavior. At some point, they had to call the police, and ESL had to "smooth over" the consequences with the hotel.
  • Supposedly, after these incidents, K0nfig was warned by Astralis not to repeat that in the future. So when the story repeated itself in Malta, his contract was nullified.
  • Richard, who apparently heard the same rumors, pointed out several inconsistencies in Kristian's story. He thinks that the player could've provoked the doorman and waited for him on the street after the initial fight on purpose.
  • IEM Cologne might not have been the only case, as Lewis says, "K0nfig has been doing shit like this for a long time." He characterized the Dane as a bully who cannot control his anger and too often appears drunk.
  • RL also questioned his previous injury when K0nfig broke his arm during his time with Complexity. Back then, the player claimed that he fell on a wet floor at the airport. But these reports make his story look suspicious, concludes Richard.

After Jaxon's report, k0nfig went on Twitter. He both confirmed and denied the incident with ESL member, stating that something happened, but he didn't threaten any ESL member or hotel staff. He also promised to quit drinking and apologized for his actions.


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