Insider: Huge ban wave aimed against private cheats hits CS:GO


There's a massive ban wave expected to happen in CS:GO today, according to known dataminer Maxim "Gabe Follower" Poletaev. It will target the owners of private cheats and ruin million-worth skin inventories.

Maxim claims that many players with a red trust factor will receive a ban. In most cases, these are suspicious accounts that were already moved to a separate matchmaking queue. Typically, Valve doesn't ban them because of a lack of proof.

Gabe Follower claims VACnet was expanded, and the new upgrade automatically applies game bans. That might mean that Valve trusts its machine-learning analysis to start banning more cheaters based on in-game observations.

Based on his retweets, some accounts were already blocked. There are multiple screenshots of banned accounts posted by another CS:GO enthusiast, Thour. Some cheaters were undetected since 2016.


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