Entropiq gets ex-Akuma sniper as stand-in. Team coach was among first to blame them for cheating


Entropiq parted ways with Aleksey "El1an" Gusev and added Dmytro "SENSEi" Shvorak as their stand-in for the upcoming tournaments. This shuffle confirms the rumor by the insider Aleksei "OverDrive" Biryukov.

SENSEi is mostly known for playing with Akuma, which has a questionable reputation, especially in their region. The team was blamed for cheating at EPIC CIS league RMR 2021 when they bested NAVI and Virtus.pro 2:0, finishing 3rd in the tournament.

In a rare case of consensus among almost all the professional community, Akuma were labeled as cheaters. Entropiq's head coach Dmitriy "hooch" Bogdanov was among the most skeptical voices and called them out in public several times.

I am sure for 100%. It is my personal opinion, not the team's or organization's, that Akuma players were playing unfairly. I feel sorry for all the teams on their way, who didn't make it to the playoffs, who had to suffer and could come to the wrong conclusions. <...>

To be honest, I don't understand the people who are playing CS and are present in the scene for a long time, but still claim there was nothing going on. From a logical standpoint, you can't explain some of the actions and decisions of these players. I'm ready to sit down with anyone, launch the stream and look into the demos. I want to hear what is that [Akuma's] logic and decision making. I want to hear how can these guys outplay NAVI 2:0 without preparation.

Dmitriy "hooch" Bogdanov, Entropiq head coach

SENSEi is considered a strong sniper. He had a 1.24 HLTV rating in 2021 and currently goes with an average of 1.27. The Ukrainian AWPer has little experience against top teams though. It pretty much comes down to the two RMR events of 2021.

Akuma and their players were never officially banned by any entity. The investigation by ESIC, initiated by almost all RMR participants, including Entropiq, is ongoing for over a year. The commission recommended not to invite Akuma to the events because their ex-CEO was betting on their matches.

Entropiq Lineup


hooch Dmitry Bogdanov

El1an Aleksey Gusev

SENSEi Dmitriy Shvorak


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