Cogu steps down from coaching O Plano


The Brazilian legend Raphael "Сogu" Camargo is no longer coaching O Plano. He made the decision because of "personal reasons" and announced this move on Twitter.

Cogu is also the organization's streamer. He didn't specify if he'll continue working with the organization in that role. He was with the core lineup since their emerging at the end of 2020 under the MIBR tag. The roster left the organization with some scandal, disagreeing on salaries. In 2021, the team was signed by 00Nation but soon lost most of its lineup.

Cogu and Vito "kNgV-" Guiseppe were the only ones to return to O Plano and officially reestablish the tag in August. This time, Raphael coached the team for only a month. On October 5-9, the squad will participate in American RMR for IEM Rio, hosted in Stockholm, Sweden.

O Plano has yet to announce their new coach. They still have Thiago "BTT" Monteiro Da Silva as the assistant.

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