M0NESY: "FACEIT system is shit"


G2 Esports' prodigy Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov scolded FPL CS:GO ranking system on his Twitch stream. The young sniper thinks the way it balances the high end of elo ladder isn't fair.

You are coming in as a trio. We have 12-14k elo together. And the system teams you with a guy to "balance" the average elo. So you could play for +25. But you're resulting in -25 because you lose that game. Either you carry it with friends or you hope for a miracle that this guy will drop at least 10 kills with his 3rd level. This is why FACEIT's system is shit.

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov

M0NESY is currently holds the top-2 position in the scoreboard in FACEIT ranking system with a score of 6,100 elo. He is only a few points behind Petr "fame" Bolyshev.

Source: Faceittracker.net

M0NESY spoke about various topics on stream. He was hyped to hear that IEM Rio Major 2022 will have a crowd at Challenger and Legends stages. In his opinion, it will boost the morale of the underdogs, such as Benched Heroes.

He answered the question about input lag. Ilya doesn't care about this problem. He said he never felt any difference, even when played on a worse PC. Choosing between LAN and online play, he prefers the former. Once again, he doesn't think that system specs matter that much and sees LAN technical issues as insignificant.

M0NESY will play on the stage of ESL Pro League S16 playoffs on September 29 or 30. His team made a record in the group stage, finishing with a map record of 10-0. It was never done before by any other lineup since the format change in S13.


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