Boombl4's first LAN after the break ends with loss in group decider


Ex-NAVI captain Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov and BEBRA team lost the deciding match in Pari Patriki Vibe LAN 2022 groups, ending the tournament on 5-6th place. GoodJob took both maps, Nuke (3:16) and Inferno (7:16).

Source: HLTV

Boombl4 had a poor showing in the important moment, getting 16 kills and 36 deaths on two maps. His first match went much better: Russian IGL had a 1,23 rating there, even tho Nuke went bad for him. After the first day he mentioned lack of time to rest, which might've contributed to the poor showing.

BEBRA roster is made from big Russian streamers, so this result doesn't mean much. But the question where Boombl4 will continue his career remains. Earlier BenchedHeroes' Rodion "Fear" Smyk claimed that the team asked ex-NAVI captain to join, but he refused because he was "recording a track".


Boombl4 Kirill Mikhailov


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Start Date 2022-09-12
Prize Pool $ 10,000