Agents and models have different hitbox sizes in CS:GO. It's been this way for 7 years since the "Reanimated" update


CS:GO enthusiast Ansimist discovered an issue with the game's hitboxes. Their heads differ in size between various models and agents up to 16.75%. He proved it on video, shooting at the same spot and swapping models.

He also put a spreadsheet, with automatically calculated head hitboxes comparison to a default model. Note that a % increase in volume will differ for various angles and is actually smaller in 2D.

Known CS:GO specialist Birkir appeared on the dedicated Reddit thread and supposed that head hitbox differences might be intentionally designed this way. It might help keep a balance between models who have their heads slightly blocked by other parts of the body.

This may have been a deliberate balancing choice for a head hitbox of a model that exposed the head more than the other models. Like you say: this model may have turned out to have a greater angular diameter on another player's screen than the other models, even though the volume was the same as the other model, so it was slightly reduced to make the odds of hitting a headshot more balanced.


The discrepancy between head hitboxes presumably exists since 2015. That year, Valve released the "Reanimated" update to hitboxes, making them better match the visuals. The patch overall was a great improvement, going away from square head hitboxes and other clunky mechanics.


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