NAVI are supposedly practicing Vertigo, their permanent ban


NAVI were spotted practicing Vertigo, their permanent ban in the map pool. A screenshot of supposedly a scrim game was shared by the CS GO News public Telegram channel. They didn't clarify where the picture originated from.

NAVI played on Vertigo only twice in the history of the organization. In 2019, they lost 9:16 to Heroic, and in 2020, they managed to take two rounds from FaZe Clan.

If NAVI are about to change their map pool, then Ancient is a map to get rid of. For the last three months, they only managed to win it once, against FaZe, and lost thrice. Last time they were defeated by Endpoint with a 7:16 score on it. Team coach Andrii "B1ad3" Horodenskyi recently voiced displeasure with the current level of the team, saying that they are "in bad shape in terms of meta and tactics". This might be his new idea to spice up NAVI's game.

Natus Vincere will play their next match on 27 or 28 September in the ESL Pro League S16 playoffs. The exact schedule and their opponent will be determined after the conclusion of the Group Stage.


NAVI Natus Vincere

B1ad3 Andriy Horodenskyi


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