HLTV Striker: Valve increased Paris Major prize pool to $1.25 mln, removing RMR prize money


BLAST press release for Paris Major 2023 revealed the event's prize pool to be $1.25 million. It was raised by $250,000, compared to the previous tournaments of the series. HLTV's journalist Milan "Striker" Svejda claims that Valve upgraded the prize amount.

He also implied that this sum will become the regular prize pool for these events. Supposedly, Valve simply moved the RMR money to the main event.

Antwerp Major's RMRs had a $240,000 split between four regions. The current RMRs for IEM Major Rio 2022 do not have prize money, according to Liquipedia. If the change was already implemented, the Rio event's prize pool should've grown to $1.25 mln as well. However, the official ESL tournament page still shows a one million total.

The change will mostly impact prize money for weaker teams who manage to win or go deep in RMR but fail to get into the money (top-16 of the Major). Only the Asian RMR had small rewards for those who didn't qualify for the Major. Also, with this change, Valve might recalculate the money distribution between the event teams, expanding it to all 24 participants.

Example of PGL Major Antwerp RMR A prize pool distribution. Source: Liquipedia


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