FalleN leads the list of "most tweeted about" esports players in first half of 2022. Fnx is higher than S1mple


Twitter employee Rishi Chadha shared the list of the "most talked about" players, teams, and games on the platform in the first half of 2022. Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo was picked as the most popular player. We compared the results with the last year's ratings.

Source: blog.twitter.com

In the similar rating on year 2021, Toledo was only 7th. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev also got higher position in the list this time, now he took 7th place instead of 10th. FalleN's Imperial teammate Lincoln "fnx" Lau still got a higher position than him, even tho he didn't make top-10 in 2021. It is worth noting that the last rating was based on the whole year, while this one was made after 6 months.

Source: blog.twitter.com

Just like the last year, the charts are dominated by Brazilian teams, players, leagues, and personalities. LOUD again was the "most talked about" organization, while paiN Gaming (top-3 in 2021), FURIA (top-6 in 2021), and Los Grandes (new on the list) took spots in top-10.

Source: blog.twitter.com

Even Brazilian regional LoL league was the most popular tournament, overtaking competitors like Apex Legends Global Series, LCK, and Overwatch League. And while influencer giant FaZe Clan still remained on the list, 100 Thieves lost their position in the top-10.

Brazil dominated esports charts, but in the overall gaming talk it only took 6th place. Japanese Twitter users were the most active here, just like in 2021. In the list of biggest titles, esports is represented by Apex Legends and Valorant. Genshin Impact remains the leader of that category.

Source: blog.twitter.com
Source: blog.twitter.com
Source: blog.twitter.com

FaZe FaZe Clan

paiN paiN Gaming


LOS Los Grandes

FalleN Gabriel Toledo

s1mple Aleksandr Kostyliev

fnx Lincoln Lau


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