GeT_RiGhT: "If I go back playing, I'll probably die"


Former superstar Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund spoke about his ups and downs, the dawn of the CS competitions and what is life after exiting professional play. He talked to Jacob "Pimp" Winneche for the first episode of his show "CS on the GO."

On his life after retirement

A lot of people ask, "have you felt you've lost yourself?" I actually feel like I started my life. Because I feel like I'm trying to find myself. The thing is, I always miss competing, all the cool things around it, traveling more, meeting people, my friends. But now I have the opportunity to celebrate my father's birthday, or my own one, my siblings', my friends', or my ex-girlfriend's, which I also never had a time for either.

It's surprising that on a Friday I can be like: "I'm done today with my work." I can meet my friends for a beer or dinner or just take a long walk without too much hustle about it.

It amazes me, actually, every day.

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund

Is his new life better than the professional one?

It's very harsh to say it is, but you have to listen to me when I say it. If I go back playing, I'll probably die. What I mean by that is that my mentality is so much different from most other people. They'd probably be like: "Yeah, just take a paycheck or whatever." Now, I go all-in. I'd go back to my grinding days, putting 16 hours per day when I don't do anything but eat, sleep and play, play, play. And then trying to compete and push my teammates to the next level. <...>

It's unhealthy because I don't think I'd leave my apartment, I'd only travel if I'm forced, If I needed to. And because of my health history, and all these things that became worse and worse through the years, I know, further down, I'll get anxiety and panic attacks, which I never experienced beforehand. That's why I'm saying that word, like: "I'll probably die." Cause I'd push the boundaries too much, and I'm not 16 anymore, I'm not 20 or 24. I'm 32.

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund

In Katowice, GeT_RiGhT realized how big CS has become

In 2014, I was walking into the Katowice arena, and it was full, it's packed. Seeing that you can actually play professional CS on that level, inside the arena, hearing all the screaming and cheering (They weren't cheering for us, but for Polish guys). But I still remember when I walked out and stood still, looking up. I was like: "Huh, could this actually be something?"

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund

Worst career moment

Eleague Major qualifier in 2016 or Cologne 2016, both of them, because it was more personal. It was a rough year health-wise. I was also, in a way, homeless between them. I had to get an apartment and live in the office. It was a weird time, I gained a lot of weight... wherever I looked or wherever I went, it just felt bad. And whatever I did just failed. I also went out of a 6.5-year relationship at the same time, so it was rough.

I've been with the same person since I was 20. Now I'm 26, and I'm clueless. I'm not performing, the team is not performing, I don't have anywhere to live. And there are teams, who just come there. You've been grinding, grinding, grinding, and you should beat them, but then you just lose. It was a reality check on all levels.

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund

GeT_RiGhT finished his career in early 2021 and started streaming for Dignitas. He is one of the most decorated players in the history of both CS and CS:GO with 10 MVP titles, two-time HLTV's player of the year awards and more than 80 tournament wins.


GeT_RiGhT Christopher Alesund

Pimp Jacob Winneche


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