Jamppi announced his return to CS:GO around October


Liquid's Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen revealed his plans on switching back to CS:GO from Valorant. Finnish sniper feels certain about his return but promised it won't happen before October. During his stream, Jamppi was asked if he will return to CS:GO, and he stated, "At some point, yeah, 100%". He confirmed it once again later, saying, "The earliest I'm going to return is in October". These clips and the stream VOD were taken down, but there are other similar videos.

Jamppi joined Team Liquid in early 2021. With that team, he won several events and grabbed 3-4 place at Valorant Champions 2021. His latest big event was in Reykjavik where TL dropped out 7-8th after losing to Zeta Division.

Jamppi's moved to Valorant partially because of the circumstances. He was banned for cheating in CS:GO. Even though this happened when he was a kid and he claimed that it wasn't him, Elias was blocked from competing at Valve's events. With half of the competitive year dedicated to RMRs at the time, this was a very hard task.

He was trying to play in a six-man roster and even went to sue Valve for losing him a place in OG but his actions didn't help his case. Shortly after his switch, CS:GO rules on cheating were softened. In Jamppi's case, that meant he could already return and there were rumors of him going back to ENCE. But at the time Elias decided to stick with Valorant.



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