Xeppaa and floppy leave CS:GO and switch to Valorant


Ricky “⁠floppy⁠” Kemery and Erick “⁠Xeppaa⁠” Bach has stepped back from Counter-Strike and will continue his career for Cloud9 in Valorant, the North American organization has announced.

The North American players were a part of Cloud9’s inactive roster since March 2021, finally deciding to quit CS:GO and move on to compete in Valorant. They have joined Cloud9 Blue, who had been depleted to just a four-man roster following the departure of Skyler “Relyks” Weaver, after a series of mediocre performances.

Both the players were a part of Cloud9’s CS:GO rebuild, termed “The Colossus.” Sadly, the incredibly hyped project failed to live up to what was promised, handing out a trail of disappointing performances one after the other. This lead to the organization pulling the plug and announcing their temporary exit from the esports title in March earlier this year.


C9 Cloud9

floppy Ricky Kemery

Xeppaa Erick Bach


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