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Stuchiu’s Scouting Report: s1mple’s Role


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When we use the word role in CS:GO, it’s generally ambiguous. It’s a term people use to try to give as much shorthand knowledge in as little time as possible for the casual fan to understand. As we have some time now, I’ll start doing some scouting reports to break down a specific player’s roles in a team across their map pool.

In this first iteration, I’ll talk about s1mple. In general, s1mple’s role is to be the superstar player and AWPer of the squad. I’ll translate that across the map pool. I mostly focus on gun rounds, though I will point out that regardless of map, he often has hero plays with the deagle or AK on eco/force rounds which puts Na`Vi back into the game. Additionally, I’ll only focus on the general patterns and not break down every move he’s ever made.

Finally, Na`Vi don’t play cache, so I removed that from the equation. Here are the roles across the different maps:


On the CT-side he is a mobile AWPer that can either play alone or with support. I’ve seen him play in connector, mid, long, and the B-site. There are certain setups where he may have literally zero support with no recourse to fall back. In that sense, he is the player most responsible for getting Na`Vi a man advantage whether that be a 5v4 or 5v3.

In terms of teamplay, he most often plays with Electronic on the A side of the map. They can go aggressive towards mid, do the typical boost spots at long, or both can go to water and contest the T players there.

In a double AWP setup, s1mple will play the A-side while Flamie plays the B-site. Finally, there are certain setups where Na`Vi stacks 4 players on B and completely leave s1mple alone on the A-site. On the T-side of the map he will play as part of the pack that takes control of mid or long with Edward or Zeus. From there he can try to peak into the A-site for picks. In the actual hits, it varies. S1mple can (and often does) take forward positions with his AWP to create space for his team. He is also then charged with generally clutching it out. Sometimes in a 4-1 B split, s1mple will be the player who is left to hold the flank for connector and to clutch out the round should things go south.


On Dust2 s1mple plays a similar AWPing role like he does on Overpass. He can play from the B-site, cat, A-site, car, or long. The two most notable things about him is that in a double AWP setup, he will likely be playing towards long. Na`Vi also sometimes use a setup where he is left to hold B by himself with all of the other players towards A. On the T-side, he’s also a bit variable. I’ve seen him look for picks at b or help take control of long. In the actual hits and setups, it’s similar to what he does on Overpass.


Similar to both Overpass and Dust2, s1mple is the aggressive AWPer looking for a pick. He plays all of the positions that have the potential of first contact, so yard, secret, heaven, and ramp. On the T-side, he is part of the pack that takes control of yard or ramp depending on where Na`Vi is going. In the case of an Upper exec, s1mple can either be a part of the hit or be the yard flank coming in from mini.


As you go through this, you’ll see there are specific distinctive patterns. In the case of s1mple, he’s a mobile aggressive AWPer through all of Na`Vi’s map pool. On Mirage, he’ll play cat, connector, window, and the B-site. In the case of a double AWP setup, he’ll play the B-site instead of the A-site. Like Dust2 and Overpass. The T-side is a bit different. In general, he’ll play as part of the pack and take control of middle either as a rifler or an AWPer.

His role can change when as to whether he has an AWP or rifle. In the case of the AWP, he could play for picks, most notably from B halls. If he has a rifle, can be used as a fer like player. Throw him into window or put him up in connector and let him work the CT-side. In an A execute, he’ll generally be the guy coming in from middle or underpass by himself.


S1mple once again plays the aggressive AWPer role on this map as well. He plays the A-site, alley, and the B site. In every case he has both aggressive and passive variations depending on what he needed of him. The general mentality is similar to Mirage. On Mirage, the reason s1mple also plays the B site is because their B hold is weak. The same can be said of Na`Vi’s Train. In this particular map when Na`Vi use the double AWP setup, there is no fixed position that s1mple is necessarily in. This makes sense as Flamie is the secondary AWPer and his style of passive AWPing works across the entire map on Train. On the T-side, he can either go for solo picks, play with the some support to take control of alley, or fight for popdog by himself. Like in other maps, his general responsibility is to close out the actual hits when they come, though he can also be a part of the entry pack.


On Inferno, he plays both sites and is often looking for an aggressive pick from middle or banana. The idea is similar to the previous maps where he is forced to play multiple spots so that the T-side cannot abuse any particular side of the map. In a double AWP setup, he’s most likely to be playing on the B side of the map. He plays pretty standard on the T-side inferno as an AWPer. He holds mid, helps take B control, can go look for picks around top mid, etc. In the actual hits, he plays the same role he does on the other maps.

In Summation:

If I was to describe s1mple’s role, he is the super carry on both sides of the equation. What I mean by that is in general, there are two types of carry players. Those who break open the round and those who close the round. In s1mple’s case, he is forced to do both. On the CT-side he not only has to be the AWPer, but he has to take aggressive plays to put his team up in players. If he doesn’t do that, then the other team can abuse parts of the map where the players or hold is weak (most notable being Mirage B-site).

So if I was to describe s1mple on the CT-side, his role would be mobile aggressive AWPer who also has to play lifeguard for Na`Vi. If I were to describe him on the T-side, I’d say economy breaker who can win Na`Vi economy and force buy rounds at any moment in the game. He is also partly responsible for finding opening picks on the T-side and is then responsible for closing out the rounds when the hits commence. There isn’t a single player who has as much workload as s1mple does in current CS:GO.

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