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The AWP Specialist is a Dying Role in CS:GO


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I think we’ve reached the point in Counter-Strike history where being an AWP specialist at the highest level of play can only happen if you are an exceptional talent like GuardiaN or kennyS. If you are anyone else, you have to be a hybrid player, someone who can also rifle at a high level.

There are multiple reasons for this, but I think the biggest reason is because of the game itself. CS:GO has made changes to the game that have consistently made the AWP a harder weapon to use. They changed the movement of the AWP which directly affected kennyS as a player. The AWP itself is the most expensive gun in the game and the kill bonus is negligible. This is an especially important point since each time you buy the AWP, the amount of influx money you get from the weapon is less than if you got a different one. Those extra dollars could get you extra nades or a utility kit on the CT-side.

CS:GO itself is a T-side game. There are a lot more viable forcebuys and the economy is in the favor of the T-side. On top of that, to have a viable CT-side, you need full nades on the CT-side to play a round without making a risk. So if you fail with the AWP, that can completely break the game in the opponent’s favor.

Finally, teams right now are specifically scouting and anti-stratting AWPers. With that being the case, the AWPer has to find and create new paths or ways to play the game to get around that. Being a primary AWPer right now is harder than any other time in CS:GO. So while the AWP is an incredibly important weapon for every CS:GO team, hybrid players are generally more valuable than their AWP specialist counterparts because they have more versatility and get less punished by the current game.

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