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Liquid vs Astralis Round 8 at IEM Chicago


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The finals of IEM Chicago have been decided as it will be Astralis vs Liquid. Astralis’ run through the tournament has been on shaky ground as they were knocked out 0-2 by FaZe in the group stages and were on the verge of elimination against Fnatic. However they’ve been able to hold their poise and show incredible clutch against the incredible firepower of Fnatic.

As for Liquid, they’ve also struggle through the tournament as LDLC gave the a run for their money in the quarterfinals. The first map in the semifinals of IEM Chicago they were completely crushed by FaZe on Inferno. Inferno had been their home map and so it looked bleak going forward. Instead Liquid completely flipped the switch as they dominated FaZe and completely slammed them out of the rest of the series.

Both teams will now play each other for the eighth time. They’ve met across multiple tournaments throughout the year. The most notable being the finals of ESL Proleague Season 7, ECS Season 5 Finals, ELeaugue Premier 2018, and the semifinals of the FACEIT Major.

Liquid have yet to win a single bo3 against Astralis, though they did win one bo1 against them at the FACEIT Major. However they looked in prime form at this event, while Astralis have had to rely more on heroics and clutch plays. Additionally, I haven’t seen the typical innovation that I’ve come to expect from Astralis coming into Premier LANs so Liquid does have a chance here.

Both teams have something critical on the line. Liquid want to finally beat Astralis as they have been literal demons for Liquid and because Liquid have yet to win a huge international event despite being either the 2nd or 3rd best team in the world. As for Astralis, they will want to continue beating down Liquid so that they can add on another trophy on their ongoing journey to becoming the greatest team to ever touch the game.

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IEM XIII Chicago

Start Date 2018-11-06
Prize Pool $ 250,000