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If Na`Vi Plan to Change, They Must Do It Soon


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Yesterday, Na`Vi were eliminated from IEM Chicago. They were knocked out from the upper bracket by eUnited on Mirage. They then played against BIG in the lower bracket where BIG were able to prevail 2-0 on Dust2 and Inferno. After watching those games, it’s clear that s1mple is still a phenomenal player. Electronic just didn’t get into this tournament at all and without both win conditions going off, they were unable to get anywhere in this tournament.

This has been the case for Na`Vi throughout their entire run, but s1mple and electronic are so consistently great that they’ve rarely been punished for this. Overall, they’ve been the second best team throughout the time period of the Age of Astralis. So the next step should be to get to the next level and overtake Astralis.

However at the current rate they have gone, they don’t have the consistency to make sure they can reach Astralis to begin with. This isn’t a NiP-VeryGames or Fnatic-LDLC/EnVyUs scenario. Na`Vi are the second best team, but they can be eliminated by other teams. eUnited/BIG did it here. FaZe beat them at EPICENTER. Liquid have beat them in the past.

In terms of timing, the best time to do it is now. The Major is coming up in three months which is the approximate time for a team to get good as a five man unit. In terms of free agents, the two best choices that Na`Vi could have gotten were Hobbit and AdreN. However Hobbit is reportedly going to play with HellRaisers and if I’m HellRaisers I’d try to get AdreN before Na`Vi decide they want a new fifth.

So if there was any time for Na`Vi to make the change, it has to be now.

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