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Liquid’s Final Battle is Against Themselves


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There is no getting around it, so I’ll be blunt. Liquid losing ESL New York is a terrible loss for them. While they have lost before, there have always been mitigating circumstances. Sometimes they had just done a roster change. Other times they weren’t well prepared enough. Most of the time they ran into an ascendant team that was indomitable during that moment (FaZe at the end of 2017 and Astralis now).


That is why this Finals hurts. Liquid had everything lined up for them. They were all in good individual form. Twistzz was the MVP of the event. They had the better map pool and in terms of structure and teamplay they are superior to Mouz. Even on an individual level, I think Liquid has at least equivalent firepower to them.


But this is the critical thing for Liquid. All losses only remain losses so long as nothing is learned from them. Before this event, it was hard to know if Liquid had problems under pressure. While they had lost in previous finals, you could chalk it up to all of the different reasons as to why it happened. Here, there are no excuses and now Liquid have to take a hard look at themselves and realize that it is a mental issue, arguably the hardest issue to fix for a competitor.


I wrote about this earlier in the year, but this is the final hurdle that the team needs to overcome. The battle with the self. This kind of problem has no shortcuts. Each player has to find their own individual way to learn how to deal with it. But should the day come when Liquid overcome it and, they will be Champions. I guarantee it.

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