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Liquid Killer Bees, The CT-side Eco Buy vs G2 on Inferno


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At ESL New York, Liquid played against G2 in the winner’s finals of Group B. The second map in the bo3 was inferno and Liquid used a cool eco tactic on their CT-side. The base of the setup is 1-4, with EliGE holding B solo and the other four players at A. The buy itself has armor, pistols and some nades (3 smokes, 3 flashes).


Here is how the base setup works. The opening gambit has two moves, offense and defense. On the offensive side, NAF flashes for alt mid and a player (in this case TACO) peaks that area and gets a pick or info. In that game, TACO killed a blinded shox. Defensively, EliGE drops his smoke at B, and NAF smokes off mid.


This meant that G2 had no counter play. They knew three players were on the map, one at B, one at mid (to throw the smoke), and TACO in aps. This means that they can’t just rush B or mid through the smoke as the other two players are unaccounted for and could be there.


What Liquid actually did was have nitr0 and twistzz sneak along back alley to create another trap. They had twistzz play at sneaky and nitr0 crouch peak to bridge. This allowed them to create a crossfire and trade frag scenario for any G2 player that tried to retake the area. The crouch peek on the bridge also covered nitr0 from any supporting rifler on the ground, which G2 had in bodyy.


So that allowed them to get another pick and then nitr0 smoked the spot he was at. This created a giant stall for G2, which gave space for Liquid to setup a perimeter. G2 finally went banana, but it was completely read by Liquid and they closed the round.


A brilliant round showing the thought and execution that Liquid have even on these small buys.

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