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HellRaisers’ Only Hope for an Upset is Liquid Breaking Down


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Tomorrow, Liquid will play against HellRaisers in the quarterfinals of the FACEIT Major London playoffs. This is a matchup where Liquid should be the clear favorites. HellRaisers run right now has been off the back of great performances from their two stars of ISSAA and woxic. However outside of those two players, every factor should be riding in Liquid’s favor.


In terms of map pool, Liquid is ahead. While ISSAA and woxic can match any two stars on the Liquid side on their day, the skill across the entire lineup is in Liquid’s favor. In terms of team play and tactics, they’ve shown some of the best play here in the entire Major. HellRaisers has good plans, but they haven’t gotten a win as impressive as Liquid’s bo1 win against Astralis. In terms of preparation, Liquid have come into this tournament prepared as they skilled DreamHack Stockholm. HellRaisers went to Stockholm where they placed 9-12th.


So when I consider all of the factors, Liquid are the favorites. Their overall skill is better. Their teamplay and tactics are better. Their map pool is overwhelming compared to HellRaisers. Because of that, HellRaisers best chance to win will depend on three factors. The first two are ISSAA and woxic going mental. The third and most important one is Liquid’s mentality. While I think the idea of the Liquid choke is overplayed and irrelevant (considering only two of the same five players are here from that famous MLG Columbus semifinals), there is added pressure on the favorites to win against underdogs.


However from all that I’ve seen, I think Liquid are focused. When we look at the disappointing results from the last few months (top 8 at Starladder i-League Season 5 and bombing ESL One Cologne), they have cited that those losses were because of a lack of preparation. I can understand why as they are a team similar to Astralis who get their confidence from the amount of prep work they do. However that excuse won’t hold up here. Liquid is a team that should not only win this bo3, but can go on to win this entire Major.

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